Lord ‘Mahasu’ is worshipped in the village of Hanol, lying on the eastern bank of the Tons. The temple of the deity constructed in the ‘Huna’ architectural style elevated at 1429 mts. Above sea level is 186 kms from Dehradun. It is believed that a demon lived here and devoured atleast one man a day. In mandrath, a devotee of Lord Shiva defied the custom and prayed to Lord Shiva for help. Deolari Devi another devotee of Shiva and a resident of Hanol on being directed by God sent her four sons to Mandrath and asked the man to plough his field. After a long fight lasting a couple of days the demon was killed and the man while ploughing his field discovered four Shivlings-Maasu, Pavasi, Vasik and Chalda named after the four sons of Deolari Devi. The villagers thereafter started worshipping Shiva as ‘Mahasu’.